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Dyslexia Awareness

Have you or has someone in your family recently been diagnosed with dyslexia? Maybe they have had it for some time now but just havenít known how to deal with it? Dyslexia Awareness is your one and only stop to accurate, informative and experienced advice on living with dyslexia. We know dyslexia, and are therefor proud confident and pleased to offer you our services to not only support you but those around you!

We have a wealth of information, tips and tricks, advice and support to offer not only you but your family too. On top of this we also provide you with resources, suppliers, facts and rights on funding and contacts that you are entitled to as well as true life stories and successes! †

Resources and information

We have a whole electronic library full of articles, academic papers, blog and more for you to access. You will have unlimited access to these, and you can either read them straight from the website online, or you can download them to save on your computer or even print off to carry around with you. All you need to do to be able to access these resources is sign up as a member of the site, which is absolutely free!

Tips and tricks

We have so many cool and funky ideas that you may have never thought of to help you deal with you dyslexia a bit more easily. All of our tips and tricks are inexpensive and easy to make and most of them can be created using things that you probably have in your own home!

Advice and support

We offer a 24-hour helpline, which is absolutely free to call. Our trained, experienced and friendly staff can give you any information advice or support that you require. They can even just be a shoulder to lean on and someone to tell your story to. As well as our phone line we also have instant messaging chat, which is also covered by staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Alternatively for less urgent reason of contact you can email us or even write us a letter. We love to hear from you!


Whether you are an individual with dyslexia, a family member of someone with dyslexia or an educational environment where individuals with dyslexia require support, you need to have the right equipment to cater to the needs of that individual. We have lists of reliable, inexpensive and certified suppliers who can deliver, install and teach how to use any equipment that you may require.

Your rights

As a UK citizen you are entitled to certain rights when diagnosed with dyslexia, whether it be at work, school or any other setting. We provide you will full rights and rules in terms of entitlements and discriminations than can but are not allowed to affect you. We can also put you in touch with the right people to get funding for your needs, and even help you to complete the paperwork!

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