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The UK Obesity Epidemic on the Rise

Did you know that one in every four adults in the UK suffers from obesity? Or that one in every five children between the ages of ten and eleven years suffers from obesity? Yes! That’s correct. The UK obesity epidemic is definitely on the rise and as a result, the lives of many individual are threatened due to the risks involved with obesity. It is important that the necessary steps are taken to tackle obesity because this condition does not only lead to a variety of life-threatening conditions but it also affects your quality of life and results in psychological problems such as depression or low self-esteem.

Many people allow obesity to control their lives because they give up at a certain point and tell themselves that there is nothing that they can do to treat the condition. Obesity can be treated and the best place to start is with regular exercise and a healthy but reduced-calorie diet; however, you need to do more than just regular exercise and reduced-calorie diet. You need to let this become your lifestyle. 

What is Saxenda?

Sometimes, a lifestyle change alone is not sufficient to help you to lose the weight that you need to lose in order to return back to a healthy lifestyle. There are certain drugs which have been approved to help you in your weight loss battle and once such drug is Saxenda which if used in combination with regular exercise and a reduced-calorie diet is guaranteed to help you lose weight. Saxenda approved in Europe as a treatment for obesity is a new weight loss medication that has been given a marketing authorization by the European Commission. It is a GLP-1 analogue and it works in a different way from any other weight loss product available. A GPL-1 agonist is a medication that helps your body to produce more insulin when it is needed, that reduces the amount of glucose produced by the liver when it is not needed, that reduces the rate of digestion and your appetite. This is why Saxenda is such an effective weight loss drug. It regulates your appetite and gives you the feeling of being full so that you will want to consumer fewer calories. In addition to making you feel full, the medication also delays the time that it takes for your stomach to empty which will make you feel fuller longer and as a result, you eat less thus taking in less calories. If you plan on using saxenda, it is advised that you learn more about GLP1.

How is Saxenda administered?

It is a self-administered medication. It is injected daily into the upper arm, thigh or abdomen. It starts with a dose of 0.6 mg and is increased weekly to the recommended dose of 3 mg. If you miss a dose, there is no need to worry. You can just continue your treatment with the next dose at the next scheduled time; however, if you miss several doses, when you finally decided to start back your treatment, it is advisable that you start back with 0.6mg and then increase the intake weekly until you once again meet the recommended dose of 3 mg. This is recommended so that your stomach can adjust to the intake and get accustomed to it once more. The chances of upsetting your stomach is very high if you decide to start off immediately with a 3 mg dose. It should only be administered to those who are 18 years and older; however, if you are suffering from type 2 diabetes or if you are taking other diabetic medicine, you should not take Saxenda. Some common side effects of Saxenda that you should be aware of are:







It is advisable to not use this medication with other weight loss products as its effect when used in combination with other weight loss products is not yet known. If you experience any strange side effects, you are advised to stop using the product immediately and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

From the above mentioned side effects, nausea is the most common; however, it tends to go away in most people after a while of using the medication.

Where can you buy Saxenda?

Saxenda will soon be available from Private Doctor Direct. If you are not sure as to whether or not you should use Saxenda, you can make use of the free consultation offered by the Private Doctor Direct. This consultation is done online after which you will be provided with your diagnosis and advice.


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